On December 21st 2012, we had zero UFO sightings here at our place in Valdres, Norway. But sightings occurred around the world in the usual manner of the last years of sightings build up. 

However, in the Time Gates in-between (1996-2010) they were there, and some were recorded on film media, over that period. This included several observed landings.

In fact in the summer of 2012 we had far more sightings of the “unknown” flying objects here in Valdres, Norway, than the zero of December 2012 (a separate blog of sighting chronologies, over the last two years will follow soon. Numerous witnesses, and intelligent behaviour and communication between these unknown lights, which have also been observed landed by credible witnesses with us... Will come in blog entry in 2013). 

In fact for several months before December 21st, it has been strangely quiet in terms of the regular sightings we have been used to of the Valdres Lights, here in Norway.
Shortly before this, however, some friends who have awaited a long time finally got to see these objects with us, appearing and heart-pulsing at intricate moments of personal meaning, occurred. It is these personal synchronised moments, some of which can be the most touching, that is the most convincing part of these objects, apart from the “impossible” manoeuvres. My partner Simone and I have had some at such surprising places and deeply personal moments, to be impossible for control, coincidence, or even meaningful coincidence. Too personal and private at present to talk about in public, for now.

DoOM & GloOM 2012 & BEYOND
Of course, we ourselves become involved with research into catastrophic global events. Following and during our research into our 1992 published book, The Alien Presence... 
We began to gather from library archives of the 1950s information about what may have been discussed at the 1957 Huntsville, Alabama, secret meeting of global science experts from a diversity of fields.
A meeting that was believed to have led to the infamous Alternative 2, and Alternative 3 Projects and attempted Operations...
This lead me to gather a large amount astronomical data, that was fully written in 1994, as “The Solar Trumpet” chapter (starts on page 342), of our 1999 book “The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity”, which linked, via the Toltec Callander, to 2013.

[NOTE: This 1999 book has been available online for free for 1 year. You will find it as 500mb, linked at the bottom of THIS WEBPAGE as a footnote. Download will take some time. A 2000 AD revision also occurred, and The New Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, will follow in the years to come]

However, this Solar Trumpet chapter (pp 342) with its immense foundation of astronomical data, made some predictions in 1994, that would be sure signs that the model of Solar Transformation would occur in 2013....!
Such as: no sunspot minimum between 2002-2013, or the aurora borealis appearing down to Mexico and the equatorial zones. These did not occur... 

In 2008, there were no sunspots, and a true minimum occurred. 
Already some years before this, we had gathered that something new was afoot!
This involved the Sungate Conspiracy discoveries of 1998. Thanks to the “Orca” object discovery of the Millennium Group of scientists, and others such as Kent Steadman...
In the Summer of 1998, we went back in time through the NASA SOHO archives and discovered what appeared to be several clear objects that were changing the sun itself, beginning in Time Gate 1996.

In the meantime, these have been caught on film, operating as a fleet, within the solar gravity field (impossible for a non Meisner field or equivalent object, like a moon, or planet [Excerpts of these are seen at the ending credits of the 4th part of our Youtube film series: The Great Time Gate 2012—2,222AD... Due to limit of characters allowed to be used by Youtube, this is the title we had to use, although it is truly 1998’s solar galactic centre exact conjunction, right in the middle of the Time Gates, that links to the GREAT TIME GATE to 2,222 AD, for mankind up ahead]).

And Purdue University along with Stanford University released their findings on an “Intelligence” within the Sun that was changing the laws of physics. “The Sun Speaks” the professors and physicists stated, and this new unknown, now non-neutrino Source of Intelligence within or by our SUN, is changing the entire radioactive decay rates of the periodic table of elements. A summary of these VERY important, and continuously increasing findings can be found at our http://432hz.com/Nu_Sun.html and is Highly Recommended to anyone who is looking for objective evidence that A Great Change IS occuring to our reality, but over several generations. Observations that SHOULD MAKE HEADLINE NEWS

Never the less, the Solar Trumpet chapter of The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, is still a model that could occur anytime. AndMAY be used as a measuring tool between sunspot maximum cycles in the generations ahead!
4 years after we wrote this chapter (and having presented it to European public audiences of hundreds of people, let alone giving details in our Danish 1992 radio presentation in Copenhagen) — an academic, Dr. Paul La Violette, published a unique book, called Earth Under Fire, in 1998.

This Harvard professor had assembled unique evidence that pointed to a very similar scenario to our Solar Trumpet chapter (however, I doubt that an academic would dare to read our research, outside of academia), but that is irrelevant to the public record, and to independent self verifying research factors, that can be synergized). 

For the time being, there appears to be a clear change within the Sun that is effecting the laws of the physical universe completely, at the primal level, of the periodic table that build our reality, bodies, planet, galaxy and universe... in the era period between the Galactic Centre conjunction of 1998, and the helical rising of the Sun with the galactic centre on December 21st, 2012, extending to even before the Time Gate alpha of 1996!

Our Solar Trumpet model makes predictions: should there be no Sunspot minimums between maximum cycles, and auroras reaching the equators, one should be alert (a solar superflare or mini-nova was modelled in the Solar Trumpet chapter [pp 342 of the 1999 published book]). 

We discovered a pattern that appears to occur throughout the surrounding interstellar space of at least half the galaxy. 
Dr La Violette found additional evidence that also showed the same pattern we had identified within the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). But appears to be unaware of our findings within the galaxy that echo the same pattern, and which he identified in this galaxy through other astronomical data!

2013 is Sunspot Maximum, and is the year in our 1999 book The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, where a major shift would occur, based on the leap year accounting of the older Toltec Callanders, before the Mayan!

There do appear to be several elements of interest, the Sunspot maximum, and — a comet that will reach a brightness greater than the full Moon, in November 2013. 
Dreams during the 1980s repeated this “two moon” theme with rocks falling out of the sky, so this is of some interest personally, and perhaps to the many out there, who have had similar such dreams from the 1980s (if not before) and onwards.

However, since the Solar Trumpet predictions have not been observed between 2002 and now, and The Sungate Conspiracy Objects appear to be coordinated by this mystery ‘Intelligence’ within the Sun, I seriously doubt there is any room for concern of such a mass event, for 2013, as described in this Unity Keys chapter [the Sungate Conspiracy pdf’s form the late 1990s can be found for downloading HERE:

	Sungate Conspiracy 1, 2, 3 (1999 Sun Stations pioneering work on the SUN UFOs)
    In NASA Video, Time Gate 2010, as the last Youtube video credits of part 4, that can be linked to on THIS PAGE.

During our 1980s contacts with the Ultraterrestrials and ExtraTemporal Intelligences, that occurred in proximity with the UFO seen also by others with us, as well as other forms of closer contact (no shamanic sacraments being used for these at the time, and generally. These are other factors also of considerable importance for some people); and our 1990s contacts with the ExtraTemporal ETI, as they would appear — they nudged us back beyond the Solar Trumpet model into the New Universe model, that had been given during the 1980s. 
And from 1995 we began presenting the evidence for this to the hundreds of attendee’s in our European conferences (long before Americans like DW, as some people refer to him, came to similar data assembly).

The transformation that is being spoken of, is documented to be occurring very gradually over decades, but rapidly cosmologically speaking...

NOT IN ONE DAY, as we have been saying for many many years. 

Regardless, the one day of mass coherent linkup of mankind on behalf of mankind to the cosmos is of paramount significance.

Whilst we may have only influenced several thousand people to join in Europe, and more over the world, and the most minimum model that we presented in our 1996 Berlin Time Gate alpha presentation, appears to have transpired; millions upon millions more from diverse backgrounds were united on December 21st 2012, then the 5 million 1% of August 1987. 

This IS a Signal of Relevance to the Cosmos, on behalf of mankind.

Global Concerts in 432hz/8hz and other Sacred Harmonics and tempos may be able to take this further over time, and link mankind into new dimensions of cultural artistic creative union with the cosmic Intelligence and beyond.

So it was with some surprise, to see such a vacuity amidst the websites of today’s big names in the field following our uploading reminder on our two main websites. The reminder to mankind to link up in coherence on the 21st of December, the original intention.
Much to the credit of Kerry Kassidy of Project Camelot — she was one of the few that gave public reminder and notice of the original intent of this event, beyond commercial interest — by Jove guys!!!
We have been working towards this event for 25 years!

It was always meant to be for global unity, through coherent practice, and compassionate love 8hz linkage of as many human beings from diverse traditions, as can be ascertained, to link up, and sending the coherent global laser signal to the cosmos.

We will have to continue then over the next many years, preparing for global concerts tuned to the coherent harmonics such as 256hz, 432hz, and 512hz, that can further this.

When 1.14-1.17% is an accurate figure (in our 16 hours of practice along with some 432hz/8hz dance, on December 21st; there appeared to be a virtual neurocybernetic monitor from the monitoring Intelligence, that displays the changing figures as the day of the 21st progressed around the world) — then this is a new breakthrough for mankind, that has gone way beyond the 0.1% of 5 billion plus people in 1985. That itself, regardless of constellations, is a historical breakthrough.

Apart form the 2013 major Sunspot and comet link ups, to come... 
The next opportunity for global link-up, is 2021, when our solar system ecliptic starts to clear the galactic centre plane.

And in 2,222 AD, when the Sun will be in conjunction with the galactic centre at around the same percentage as maximum conjunction in 1998!!!
October/November 1998 was the Maximum conjunction with the galactic centre, then came the Sirius unique New Year of the Millennium, a once off event, the unique 2002 alignments (as all explained plus more in our youtube The Great Time Gate 2012—2,222 AD series). 

[The UFO appeared in Novemeber 1998, in the precise Galactic Centre Conjunction time, according to Navel Intelligence, at the Asgardsdane, Valdres Norway, precisely over the place of the “Collective Starship Vortexijah, with Somajetic DNA sound harmonics”, April 29th 1996 Time Gate to the 21st December 2010 Time Gate, first mass chronesthesia experiemtn in psychological time travel. Concurrently appearing in Hessdalen as well, as the SAME UFO type, amidst other phenomenon. This was photographed by weather cam.]

And finally the Helical rising of the Sun with the galactic centre in conjunction at zero Zenith (highest point of the sky for all light), on December 21st 2012, followed 12 hours later by Sirius at the galactic anti-centre, but on the same meridian also at the zero Zenith — Sirius-B from which comes the iron in our blood, in this iron age, ironically... Sirius the only star with a 365 day helical cycle with our sun, and the brightest star as seen from Earth, which 12 years earlier heralded at the zero zenith, the Millennium at Midnight.

Within the year 2,220-2,221, the Galactic Centre should be 1.6 solar diameters closer to our sun than it was at the maximum of 1998!!!

Therefore, the year 2,222 AD gives a perfect time and space period where our great-great-great…. grand children (ourselves in the future) and dedicated mankind can link back to the 1996-2010-2012 period Time Gates, with a focus on 1998.

In the meantime global manifestations of genuine unidentified objects displaying intelligence in our skies, over more than 100 cities, and often ‘disobeying’ the known old laws of physics (not hadronic mechanics), continue to invite us into the global dance, the global concert 432, and global song 432hz, online with the galactic disco tek, as we have been discribing for more than a generation. Alongside more certified Disclosure of cosmic Intelligence, within and Without, amidst a New Universe appearing gradually in our midst.

To the Future and Y-Our Heart-Core NOW/WON :-)
Ananda Bosman
December 28th, 2012
(Finalised December 30th 2012)